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Motivation, Leadership & Team Work

We can give a powerful boost to the performance and the enthusiasm of your employees with our unique Motivation, Leadership & Team Work training programs!

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Outbound Training

The Outbound Training Programs offered by Cognito Asia has become some of the most sought after due to the innovations we have brought in to the market as well as the results oriented nature.

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Advanced Excel & IT Skills

Microsoft Excel and the Office Package is heavily used at almost all workplaces. However the knowledge and skill level among the users are at a very low level. By equipping the employees with these skills, we ensure a productivity growth of at least 40%!

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is what makes the business owners' dream (a profitable growing entity!) a reality. Without a strong Sales & Marketing Strategy, a Process and a Workforce, any organization can cripple! We are here to save you!

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Grooming & Etiquette

Grooming & Etiquette is a vital area that any person should master. With our practical approach and experiential training, you will be able to form great first impressions and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

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