Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is what makes the business owners' dream (a profitable growing entity!) a reality. Without a strong Sales & Marketing Strategy, a Process and a Workforce, any organization can cripple! We are here to save you!

Sales Competencies Training

This one day program will focus on the introduction and rolling out of 8 essential sales competencies to enable the sales force realize its full potential.

Realize Your True Potential

This program is a motivational session where the participants are influenced to get meaningfully engaged in taking ownership for their own development, enhance skills and competencies to excel in their current roles, develop a career-life game plan with specific milestones and embrace values and ethics in their journey to success.

Management Competencies

This program is designed to build leadership and managerial capability of managers.

Selling skills Training

Participants will be exposed to cutting edge selling techniques in all B2c, B2B, and selling services. A simplified and a structured approach.

Coaching Your Sales Teams

Activity based learning to improve coaching skills using the GROW model with focus on “one to one engagement”

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